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Vendor Pro Features

PRO Features enable vendors to maximise client engagement on the platform. They include an enhanced profile with all links live to drive inbound contacts and access to a range of analytics.

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Access to certain features is restricted to Pro-level subscribers. The features card describes the options available to registered users and Pro-level packages. To learn more about subscribing to our Pro options, please contact us.

  • Feature Free PRO1 PRO2 PRO3
  • Profile Company profile Company profile on the VM directory.
  • Live Links Website link Link to your website.
  • Live Links Contacts links Link our message and call back request dialogue box to a hidden email address.
  • Buyer Information Sharing Survey summary report A link for subscribing Financial Institutions & advisors to download a summary of your company and product profiles and responses to the VendorMatch survey.
  • Buyer Information Sharing RFX report A link for subscribing Financial Institutions and advisors to request access to a report on one of your solutions. Includes company profile, company risk survey, product profile and RFX responses.
  • Marketing Analytics Quantitative analysis Statistics on impressions / views / downloads / clicks.
  • Marketing Analytics Company & demographics Details of users engaging with your profile including company, type and location.
  • Marketing Analytics Individual Further details of users engaging with your profile including user title.
  • Marketing Analytics Market intelligence A detailed overview of what systems are getting the most and least interest on VM.
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