Vendormatch ~ End Users

About us

VendorMatch (for End Users)

An essential resource for anyone involved in the selection of systems and operational services, VendorMatch helps you find and compare applicable solutions available in the marketplace.

If you're looking to compile a short list of vendors for further consideration, VendorMatch will not only help you scope the market for the solutions in a particular system segment; it will also enable you to whittle down that list based on your specific requirement parameters and priorities and will even rank suitable solutions according to optimal fit using our best-of-breed algorithm.

Once you’ve identified suitable solutions you can then leverage our survey data, RFIs and comparison tool to conduct further analysis on your shortlisted vendors.

Key functionality

Key end user functionality:

  • Search the market for solutions in specific categories.
  • Match systems specifically to your requirements using our intelligent filtering capabilities.
  • Download surveys on the vendors and products that interest you.
  • Generate a full pre-completed RFI.
  • Speak with an Analyst about specifics of vendors, their solutions, or your project.
  • Create comparison grids to compare a set of suppliers in a matrix view and export to excel.
  • Use the Project Manager function to manage, track and report on your project from the creation of a list of longlisted vendors, through the research and shortlisting process, to your final selection.

Premium Features

Any visitor to the Celent web site can access VendorMatch to search for solutions free of charge. Those requiring a deeper level of insight and analysis including comparison grids and pre-completed RFIs have the option of subscribing to Premium Features.

Read more about our Premium Features here