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We take the guesswork out of the process for you. We provide a thorough and independent analysis of the latest trends and innovations and offer insight on how technology is being applied across financial services globally to deliver value.

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Our research products


Our latest research on the issues at the forefront of the industry.

Executive extracts

Condensed versions of our research reports aimed at the c-suite.

Flash reports

First-cuts at bleeding edge topics, in a condensed, penetrating brief.


Reflections on the latest news, trends, and happenings within the industry.


Live and on-demand sessions, featuring our analysts, that take our research to the next level.


Our take on the topics of the day, including our 60 second soliloquies.

Research classifications

Industry trends

Taking an in-depth look at the latest industry trends.

Vendor landscape

Offering a detailed look at technology vendors’ offerings with our recommendations.

Technology trends

Exploring high-level views of the technologies trending in financial services.

Case studies

A focus on a single firm’s experience launching a specific technology initiative.

Risk and regulation

Offering guidance for navigating the risk and regulatory maze.

Proposition trends

Providing an overview on the current trends centered around the latest propositions.

Advisory services

Phone or (email) a friend. On tap advice and support provided by our analysts.

Offered as a supplement to our research, our advisory service offers our Clients unlimited access to our global team of analysts.

Strategically located around the world, our analysts are able to provide our Clients with a global (and local) perspective.

Typical engagements include:

Deep topic dives
Reality Checks
Sounding Board Sessions
One-on-One Strategy Sessions

Our practices

We focus on the intersection of technology and financial services. Our clients include global, national, regional, and local financial institutions worldwide and the providers who support them.

Corporate Banking
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Retail Banking
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Life and Health
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Property and Casualty
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Wealth and Asset Management
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Capital Markets
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Risk and Compliance
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Research agendas

Celent publish an outline of our research agendas for public consumption. Detailed agendas are available to subscribers or by contacting our client services team.

Subscription options

Clients subscriptions are modular ensuring you only pay for the information and services that are relevant to you.

A typical Research + Advisory subscription includes
  • Access to Current Research
  • Access to Archived Research (dating back to 2000)
  • Access to our Analysts
  • Access to our Events
  • Access to our visuals. Clients are welcome to use our data and graphics provided that Celent is cited as the source

Features card

  • Feature Registered User Research Content Only Subscription Research + Advisory Subscription
  • Research Content Blogs Reflections on the latest news, trends, and happenings within the industry.
  • Research Content Abstracts Overviews of research reports which include the 3 key research questions addressed in the report.
  • Research Content Newsletters Bi-monthly newsletters outlining Celent’s activities.
  • Research Content Insight bulletins Daily, weekly, or monthly updates of our latest research.
  • Research Content Research reports Our latest research on the issues at the forefront of the industry along with supporting data and tools.
  • Research Content Archived research Thousands of reports dating back to our inception.
  • Research Content Regional access Regional content on vendor solutions, and local market trends.
  • Events Online events Offered live and on-demand, they provide another perspective to our research.
  • Events In-person events Topical events designed to improve your understanding and broaden your network.
  • Advisory Analyst access Intense one-on-one advisory sessions with our global network of analysts.
  • Advisory Topic dives Explorations of specific topics that go beyond our research reports.
  • Advisory Reality checks Analyst reviews of internal documents and/ or ongoing projects coupled with a dose of our perspective.
  • Advisory Sounding board sessions A chance to sound out your ideas and hear our unfiltered response.
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