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While all markets are local, many of the opportunities and challenges facing the insurance industry are global. We provide clarity as we analyze technology-led innovations from across the world and assess their relevance to you. We also help you to make sense of the issues impacting you locally, distinguish between hype and reality, and guide you through your technology choices and investments.

Our Research

Our research, the bedrock on which all of our services are built, is driven by intellectual curiosity and tempered by analytical discipline. We cover a range of topics and provide in-depth analysis on the technology-related themes of the day.

Our P&C research service analyzes how the global P&C industry delivers value back to its customers and investors by creating new technology-enabled propositions, improving customer satisfaction through excellent digital engagement, or radically restructuring the cost base.

A subscription to our P&C research service provides you with:

  • Complete access to our research on P&C technology
  • Entrée into our insights and perspectives on the latest business trends
  • Direct contact with our team of expert analysts
  • Opportunities for additional engagement, remotely and in-person, through our webinars, client events, and in-person roundtables

Research Themes

The P&C technology research and client engagement agenda is broken down into the following themes:


New patterns of distribution and delivery of an excellent digital experience.
Key Digital Research Topics
  • Aggregators
  • Chatbots
  • Conversational commerce
  • Customer / omni-channel engagement platforms
  • Customer relationship management
  • Digital distribution
  • Digital self-service
  • Distribution management
  • Gamification
  • Mobile
  • Portals
  • Robo-advisors / robo-brokers
  • Social media
Typical Digital Consulting Engagements
  • Discovery Dives on Digital Strategies and Roadmaps
  • Portal and mobile capability benchmarking
  • Vendor selection

Innovation and Insurtech

The why? and how? of innovation for technology providers and insurers. The application of emerging technologies across the entire P&C value chain.
Key Innovation Research Topics
  • Business model case studies (such as on P2P, On-demand, IoT / telematics, Usage Based Insurance (UBI), Parametric cover and claims, etc)
  • Consumer and industry perceptions
  • Emerging technologies and patterns (such as blockchain, microservices, and cloud)
  • Innovation accelerators
  • Innovation capabilities
  • Innovation ecosystems
  • Innovation partnerships
Typical Innovation Consulting Engagements
  • Discovery Dives on the future of insurance, innovation and insurtech
  • Innovation capability assessments
  • Innovation portfolio assessments

Legacy and Ecosystem Transformation

Simplifying the landscape, lowering costs, and increasing automation.
Key Transformation Research Topics
  • API lifecycle management
  • BPM and Workflow
  • Claims systems
  • Connectivity
  • Core insurance platforms (policy administration systems)
  • Customer communications, content management and imaging
  • eSignatures
  • Messaging and integration standards
  • Microservices
  • Product management systems
  • Rating systems
  • Robotic Process Automation
Typical Transformation Consulting Engagements
  • Discovery Dives for legacy modernization strategies and validation
  • Discovery Dives on digital ecosystem and microservice enablement strategy
  • Project healthcheck
  • Project start-right
  • Vendor selection

Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging data, devices and deep learning to make insurance leaner, smarter and faster.
Key Data and AI Research Topics
  • Data management
  • Data mastery
  • Fraud detection
  • Image recognition
  • IoT / IoT platforms
  • Machine learning / AI
  • Predictive analytics
  • Predictive underwriting
  • Telematics
Typical Data and AI Consulting Engagements
  • Discovery Dives on AI use cases, solutions and capability creation
  • Vendor selection

Regional Hot Topics

Regulation, regional initiatives and phenomena.
Key Regional and Specialized Research Topics
  • Fee regulation and transparency (such as DoL Fiduciary Duty Rules, IMD, MiFIDII, PRIPS, RDR, etc)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Solvency II
Typical Regional and Specialized Consulting Engagements
  • Discovery Dives on the technology implications of a piece of new regulation

Analyst Access

Phone or e-mail a friend. One of the key benefits of a Research Subscription is virtually unlimited access to our analysts. Our Clients frequently take advantage of this on tap advice and support to gain a deeper understanding of the implications of technology for their specific situation. Typical engagements can range from topic dives to counseling sessions to document reviews to one-on-one strategy sessions and discussions tend to center around topics such as:

  • Our quarterly research agenda - Feedback and collaboration around our upcoming research
  • Recent updates to published research (how the market has changed since the original research was released, new data points, etc.)
  • A deeper dive into a particular piece of research and the implications of that research for you
  • Our perspective on current market developments
  • Insights into specific topics

Specific examples of typical queries regarding the capital markets space include:

  • The effective use of analytics
  • Best practices implementing innovation
  • The impact of insurtech
  • The decision to build or buy
  • System selection
  • Building a digital roadmap
  • Industry trends

Although, this is by no means a definitive list. Analysts are willing to chat on any number of topics.


Celent Model Insurer Awards recognize best practices in technology usage in insurance, and is the highest honor that an insurance carrier can receive from Celent.

Asia Insurance Technology Awards (AITA) recognize excellence and innovation in the use of technology within the insurance industry in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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