Introducing Celent Digital Services

About us

Introducing Celent Digital Services

Celent’s new digital services division has the objective of digitizing our research services to:

  • Increase the value we bring to our traditional research clients
  • Deliver practical solutions that help market practitioners solve technology problems
  • Create efficiency through digital automation

Product roadmap

At a high-level, we can share that we intend to introduce a series of innovative new digital products which include:

  • A centralized library of completed RFIs. The templates to be created by our experts and the content to be supplied by participating vendors
  • A variety of innovative approaches that will enable you to utilize our research in digital format with interactive analytics
  • A suite of project management tools to assist you in keeping your projects on track
  • A range of social and collective facilities that will allow you to share opinions and experiences in a centralized location

We would be delighted to discuss our plans in greater detail. For more information please contact our sales team to arrange a conversation.

Introducing VendorMatch

What is VendorMatch?

VendorMatch is an essential research and due diligence resource for anyone involved in IT or Operations.

VendorMatch helps individuals from financial institutions discover and learn about vendors and to identify, analyze, compare, and select optimal solutions for their business.

We help you find your match.

How does it work?

An effective way for solution providers to relay information about their full suite of solutions to financial professionals who are beginning the evaluation process.

At the heart of the platform is a vast library of information covering supplier credentials, system functionality and capabilities data, providence and risk information, competitive positioning data, and marketplace trend and reference data.

This information is directly input and continuously updated by the vendors themselves ensuring you are making decisions based on the latest intelligence available. The data is supplemented by our research and overseen by our analyst team.

This vault of data is overlaid with a series of intuitive analytics tools to help you make sense of the material and give it a practical application. The beauty of VendorMatch is that it is accessible whenever you need it, wherever you are in the world.

What does it do?

VendorMatch supports.

  • Initiating vendor discovery
  • Ranking solutions according to fit
  • Building comparison grids
  • Producing summary reports
  • Managing the selection project

For more information on using VendorMatch, please see our buyers guide and user manual.

What does it cost?


Vendors can create a listing and profile on VendorMatch free of charge.

Access to additional Premium Features are available via subscription. For more information, please contact our sales team.


Any visitor to the Celent web site can access VendorMatch to search for solutions free of charge. Additional functionality is available to Registered Users of the Celent web site also free of charge.

Those requiring a deeper level of insight and analysis have the option of subscribing to the platform’s Premium Features. For more information, please contact our sales team.

VendorMatch (for buyers)

An essential resource for anyone involved in the selection of systems and operational services. We help you find and compare applicable solutions available in the marketplace.

If you're looking to compile a short list of vendors for further consideration, VendorMatch will not only scope the market for the solutions in a particular system segment; it will also enable you to whittle down that list based on your specific requirement parameters and priorities and will even rank suitable solutions according to optimal fit using our best-of-breed algorithm.

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Key functionality

Key buyer functionality:

  • Search the market for solutions in specific categories.
  • Match systems specifically to your requirements using our intelligent filtering capabilities.
  • Run summary reports on the vendors and products that interest you.
  • Speak with an Analyst about specifics of vendors, their solutions, or your project.
  • Create comparison grids to compare a set of suppliers in a matrix view and export to excel.
  • Use the Project Manager function to manage and track your project from the creation of a list of longlisted vendors, through the research and shortlisting process, to your final selection.
  • Run point in time reports and export to pdf to keep colleagues informed about the status of the project.
View the Buyer manual

Features card

Access to certain features is restricted to VendorMatch Premium subscribers. The features card describes the options available to registered users and premium packages. To learn more about subscribing to our premium options, please contact us.

  • Feature Registered User Premium User RFX
  • Solution Search Solution search Scope the market for vendors and solutions by type.
  • Solution Search Profile pages Drill down to company and product pages for more information on potential solutions.
  • Solution Search Requirements filters Apply detailed filters to build a shortlist quickly and efficiently.
  • Solution Search Optimal solution ranking Let our algorithm score and rank solutions according to your criteria.
  • Solution Search Save searches Save searches to save time.
  • Vendor Communication Live contact links Contact vendors directly. Ask a question, request a call back or send a message directly to the people responsible.
  • Analysis and Evaluation Summary reports Generate summary reports. Export the information into csv for further analysis.
  • Analysis and Evaluation Comparison matrix Compare and contrast solutions in an easy to read grid.
  • Analysis and Evaluation Project manager Create projects to manage the evaluation process. Log and track your progress.
  • Analysis and Evaluation RFX Library of completed RFIs.
  • Analysis and Evaluation Ask an analyst Use the advice link to request analyst expertise. Limited to 3 one hour calls or written responses.
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VendorMatch (for vendors)

VendorMatch offers you the opportunity to position yourself in front of likely prospects from the Financial Services industry who are actively seeking out technology solutions.

Once you have entered your profile(s) into the system (company and product), potential buyers have the ability to search our database using our intelligent filtering capabilities to specify their needs.

Our proprietary algorithm then presents the buyers with likely options, ranking them according to fit.

Matching you with buyers with intent.

Key functionality

Key vendor functionality:

  • Add company and solution profiles to the VendorMatch directory free of charge.
  • Enhance your profile with one of our PRO Packages, described in the vendor premium features section below.
View the Vendor manual

Features card

Access to certain features is restricted to VendorMatch Premium subscribers. The features card describes the options available to registered users and three additional PRO Packages (PRO1, PRO2, PRO3). For more information on the premium features and subscriptions, please contact a member of the sales team.

  • Feature Registered User PRO1 PRO2 PRO3
  • Profile Company profile Company profile on the VM directory.
  • Buyer Communication Links Website link Link to your website.
  • Buyer Communication Links Live contact link Link our message dialogue box to a hidden email address.
  • Buyer Communication Links Live call back link Link our request a call box dialogue box to a hidden email address.
  • Buyer Information Sharing and Reports Summary report A link allowing subscribing buyers from Financial Institutions to generate a summary report on your profile.
  • Buyer Information Sharing and Reports RFX report A link allowing subscribing buyers from Financial Institutions to generate an in-depth RFI report on one of your solutions.
  • Marketing Analytics Quantitative analysis Statistics on impressions / views / downloads / clicks.
  • Marketing Analytics Company demographics Details of users engaging with your profile including company type and geography.
  • Marketing Analytics Individual demographics Details of users engaging with your profile including company type, title, and geography.
  • Marketing Analytics Market intelligence A detailed overview of what systems are getting the most and least interest on VM. Feed this back into your R&D and marketing strategy.
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