VendorMatch & RFX Overview

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VendorMatch & RFX Overview

What is VendorMatch?

VendorMatch is an essential research and due diligence resource for anyone involved in financial IT or Operations.

VendorMatch helps market practitioners from financial institutions develop a solution shortlist. The platform allows users to discover, compare, and determine if solutions meet their business needs.

We help you find your match.

What is RFX?

RFX is an extension to VendorMatch which enables vendors to share Request for Information level information on a multilateral basis with Celent and other third parties.

The survey questions are authored by Celent analysts, leading experts in the solution type. They are substantial enough to meet the requirements of the most rigorous financial institution and are based on Celent’s experience with system selection projects.

RFX is designed to be an alternative for a financial institution to creating their own bespoke Request for Information (RFI) for the most common general questions. Celent believes there is demand for a generic golden copy RFI with precompiled vendor responses which can be made available online at the point of need. This facility offers significant efficiencies for FIs and vendors alike.

Having access to a generic golden copy RFI response for your use ensures you can update the information at any time, reducing the effort involved in sharing information with Celent going forward. We will use the information to increase the number of research deliverables we generate on your sector.

How does it work?

At the heart of the platform is a vast library of information covering supplier credentials, system functionality and capabilities data, providence and risk information, competitive positioning data, and marketplace trend and reference data.

This information is directly input and continuously updated by the vendors themselves ensuring you are making decisions based on the latest intelligence available. The data is supplemented by our research and overseen by our analyst team.

This vault of data is overlaid with a series of intuitive analytics tools to help you make sense of the material and give it a practical application. The beauty of VendorMatch is that it is accessible whenever you need it, wherever you are in the world.

What does it do?

VendorMatch supports

  • Initiating vendor discovery
  • Ranking solutions according to fit
  • Building comparison grids
  • Producing survey reports
  • Managing the selection project
  • Full pre-completed RFIs based on Celent templates

For more information on using VendorMatch, please see our dedicated sections on

What does it cost?

End Users

Any visitor to the Celent web site can access VendorMatch to search for solutions free of charge.

Those requiring a deeper level of insight and analysis including comparison grids and pre-completed RFIs have the option of subscribing to the Premium Features.

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Vendors can create a listing and profile on VendorMatch free of charge.

Access to additional PRO Features are available including an upgraded profile, promotional opportunities and analytics.

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